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Don't let the name fool you.

Agencia B12 is not an agency.

At least, not an agency in the sense of usage.

Agencia B12 is technology.

Technology designed to boost business in the only way possible: by increasing your sales. With this objective, we use the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, combined with our Commercial Intelligence, and we put them at the service of our customers, to perfect and improve their sales channels.

To this end, we base our activity on four pillars:

  • Evolution

    Technology moves by leaps and bounds, and we move alongside it.

  • Trust

    Both in our business model and in the professionals who make it possible.

  • Specialisation

    Our team is made up of professionals specialised in sectors that are constantly learning.

  • Ambition

    To grow, to be different, to be the best.

All of this is paired with one main premise:
our success is completely linked to the success of our customers.

Mision, vision and values


Establish commercial relationships based on mutual benefit, continuity and closeness, participating actively and providing the best resources available to satisfy the interests of customers.


We are a benchmark company in terms of our lines of activity, through innovation and the search and maintenance of the best human and technical resources, exceeding the expectations that customers have of our work.


The fundamental values on which we support our management and activity include:


Acting honestly. We seek coherence between thought and action. In human relations and business.


Permanent attitude. In this way we generate trust and credibility in all our stakeholders.


Turning creativity into opportunity. We introduce creative learning and knowledge practices to generate new opportunities and be more efficient.


Recognising the value of each player. We help develop people, their interests, needs, opinions and customs.

Logo Agencia B12Spain

Agencia B12 operates in Spain, Mexico and Peru.

In Spain, our headquarters are located in Madrid, near the mythical Puerta del Sol. It is there where our team of experts in various areas of Digital Marketing are based:

IT and Development

Data Science

Performance Marketing

Web Design

Content Marketing

Alcalá 21's teams are specialised in the development of strategies to attract high quality leads in digital environments. Our Artificial Intelligence and Smart Data Management technological systems allow us to optimise captures and improve the sales systems through our Smart Contact Centers, distributed in four offices in Spain: one in Madrid, two in Valladolid and one in Palencia.

Similar to Madrid, the centers in Castile and León are located in the heart of their respective cities and also house the administrative departments of Agencia B12: Finance, Legal and Human Resources.


Logo Strategy Big Data

Agencia B12 has the technological support of Strategy Big Data, a company specialised in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and a member of the same holding, Rockethall Group.SBD nurtures the group’s own companies and also offers its services to external companies.

SBD is made up of data engineers and scientists who use technology to improve processes and business efficiency:

Logo Rockethall

Agencia B12 and Strategy Big Data belong to the Rockethall Group, an investment group made up of companies focused on marketing, technology and data. The holding’s main objectives include:

Digital transformation of the companies belonging to the group.

Improvement of business management practices.

Increased business productivity through a powerful investment in technology.



Organic and inorganic growth.

We seek investors who share our DNA: ambition + a firm commitment to technology.

Contact us:

+34 916 629 534


Calle Alcalá, 21, 8ºD. 28014 - Madrid