Our customers

Our business model has led us to build long-term relationships with our customers. We are your business partners. B12's success is always linked to yours, and your privacy is important to us.


We have our roots in the telecommunications sector. Over our 30 year track record, it has been our most successful area. The leading companies in the market, both nationally and internationally, rely on B12 as a stronghold to ensure the growth of their sales in all the countries in which we work.


Our customer acquisition model in the insurance sector is disruptive. We analyse the quality of our target and its future claims before establishing contact. To this end, we use predictive algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, which optimises the profitability of our partners. In addition, our Smart Sales Center allows us to offer the best proposal for each person in real time, depending on their situation and needs.


The B12 model 360 is also currently used in the energy sector, specifically as a sales amplifier for energy trading companies (light and gas). This is a strategic field for B12. Our Smart Sales Center allows us to offer the ideal proposal for each customer, in other words, the one that best suits their energy consumption needs.


The banking sector also stands out from our compilation of success stories. Our products and services have been implemented in private banks and savings banks, with a special focus on the sale of financial investment, financing and savings products, from pension plans or investment funds to credit cards or deposits. We have also designed Big Data architectures for large banks and advanced segmentation systems.


We work with leading private security companies in their countries. With them, we market security products focused on companies and individuals. We use our exclusive technology to develop specific campaigns for the sale of alarms, detectors and 24-hour assistance services, among others.


B12 technology allows you to connect the online environment with the offline environment. That's why we have a wide range of success stories, selling services as well as products. Proof of this are the campaigns we develop for companies in the health sector, such as beauty or fertility clinics.


The last sector included in B12's customer list is that of international NGOs. Our Marketing and Smart Sales Center services are used in these cases for the recruitment of new partners. We use innovative strategies to raise awareness among network users and get the necessary support for the causes of our NGOs.

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Calle Manuel Tovar, 33, 4º planta, 28034, Madrid.