The Smart Sales Center (SSC) is a business platform based on innovation. This is B12’s technological solution for the omnichannel Contact Center, thanks to the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

SSC has proven success. We use it in our management campaigns and for customer acquisition in B12 Contact Centers, with the best conversion results in the market.

SSC is revolutionary, enabling the continuous analysis of thousands of data in real time, thanks to the implementation of industry-specific learning techniques.

Using our own Speech-to-text technology, we use the information from each call and optimise and give feedback in real time for the assignment variables of the algorithms we work with.

With SSC we gain:

All this leads to our final objective: an exponetial increase in sales.

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How it works:

Knowing our clients

Big Data to understand the customer: who they are, what they need, what they like, what they expect from the brand.

Knowing our agents

Probabilistic models and continuous auditing to understand our agents.

Predictive algorithms

A proprietary model based on predictive algorithms that identify patterns in human behaviour and analyse thousands of variables in real time. Their goal is to find the most suitable seller for the customer's profile, resulting in the most satisfying shopping experience.

Virtual recommender

Our own virtual recommender that analyses the specific needs of the customer in real time, and shows our salespeople the best product or solution for each person. This improves conversion rates and provides agents with a more successful and motivating sales experience.


Our Speech-to-text technology, which extracts relevant information from each call, feeds back into the model and improves the clustering of customers and agents.


Automation of processes through RPAs, callbots and chatbots that allow the agent to focus on their goal: to sell and offer the best customer experience with the brand.


Constant enrichment of consumption and behaviour data.

Continuous auditing

Continuous auditing tools to improve processes: learn more about our agents and customers and improve prediction ratios.

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